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Buy Gourmet Cookies for Delivery

Our collections not only satisfy any sweet tooth, but also spread the simple joy of a fresh-baked treat whether you’re shipping a cookie box to a friend or buying one for yourself! Gluten-free, dairy-free, and vegan choices offer something for everyone. When you buy gourmet cookies online, we'll ship the cookie love straight to your door.

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  1. Jeff’s Cookie Collection (GF/DF) $35.00 / Dozen
    Gluten Free Dairy Free
  2. KBC Collection $34.00 / Dozen
  3. Salted Chocolate Chip $32.00 / Dozen
  4. Snickerdoodle $32.00 / Dozen
  5. Double Chocolate Chip (GF/DF) $34.00 / Dozen
    Gluten Free Dairy Free
  6. Mint Double Chocolate (GF/DF) $34.00 / Dozen
    Gluten Free Dairy Free
  7. Create Your Own Collection $36.00 / Dozen


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